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10 Tips To Become A Professional Driver

Driving is an art that can be mastered with focus, discipline and skills. Whether you are a new driver or need to brush up your driving skills, choosing a renowned driving school is always a good idea.

Deluxe Driving School can help you master safe and responsible driving. Our licensed instructors, well-balanced curriculum, flexible schedules and much more can make your learning experience even more amazing.

Here are ten practices that you must follow to be a safe and responsible driver:

Join a driving course

  • The very first step towards becoming a safer driver is joining the right driving school. Driving is all about knowing the skills and having confidence. Both of these come by taking behind the wheel driving lessons from professional and expert instructors. The driving schools in your area can help you hit the road with the most appropriate technique. With the right techniques, experience and knowledge you gain confidence. And that's what makes you a good driver.

Keep your car well maintained

  • A good artisan always takes care of his tools. Similarly to be a good driver, you need to take care of your car too. Ensuring that your car is in the right condition is very important. Check the oil level of the car, tire pressure, and follow regular maintenance. Take your car in for regular servicing, learn about basic car care, and have an emergency kit.

Always use your seatbelt while driving

  • Seatbelt is just like a safety net. It always ensures your safety. No matter how much you are appreciated for your driving skills, never take off the seatbelt while driving. In fact, make sure your passengers also keep the seatbelts on as you drive and young children are in children's car seats. You should wear a seatbelt even if the distance you are traveling is short.

Practice defensive driving

  • Learning how to drive is not just about driving the vehicle but also about the people around you. Many times you come across drivers who are inexperienced or ignorant of the rules. They might have some emergency or just a bad day due to which they are not driving the way they should. In such cases, it is you who has to be careful while driving around them. By taking behind the wheel training from a professional driving school, you will be taught defensive driving. Practice that and you will easily overcome such situations.

Enlighten yourself with the latest traffic rules and regulations

  • One of the most important aspects of driving is knowing the rules and regulations. This is what makes you a safer and better driver. You, being a driver, must be aware about the latest traffic rules that your state has in place. Your driving instructor can assist you with getting familiar with the rules of the road and clarify any questions you might have about driving. So pay attention to what is taught during driving classes to ensure smooth mobility while operating a vehicle.

Keep a check on speed limit

  • Driving fast is quite an exciting experience but sometimes this experience turns out to be a nightmare. Safe driving is always a better choice when you are on the road. If you drive safely, you are a responsible driver. Never exceed the given speed limit while driving. Always keep your eyes on the speedometer to keep a check on your speed. By doing this you are not ensuring your safety but for the people around too.

Avoid weaving between lanes

  • Another important element that your instructor will teach you is to avoid weaving between lanes. Most traffic jams occur when a driver from the second lane weaves to the third lane unexpectedly. The driver might want to find a way out of the busy road but his small action of weaving lanes can lead to more chaos in the traffic. During driving lessons, being patient is commonly taught. Remember, patience is a virtue when it comes to driving on the road.

Use indicator for changing lanes

  • As mentioned above one should highly avoid constantly or recklessly changing lanes when driving on the road. When changing lanes, make sure to use light signals while changing lanes. Indicators are the only source of communication between drivers on the road. They keep the drivers alert about when the other one will turn or change lanes. By using indicators, one can help in maintaining a safe distance.

Do not multitask while driving

  • Driving should never be done along with other tasks. To be a safe driver, you need to keep all the distractions away. Avoid multitasking while driving. If you are texting on the phone, eating something, or looking for something in your bag,then be sure to park your vehicle and finish the task before driving. Nowadays, cars are equipped with features which help keep your eyes focused on the road and still answer the call by connecting your phone to the car's bluetooth. Safety comes first!

Avoid driving if drowsy

  • If you are sleepy, unwell or not in a condition to drive then don't drive. Driving while being drowsy may not be the best idea as it can impair your driving abilities and lead to an unexpected hazard. Call an uber or ask someone to drive you if you are not well but need to go somewhere. Or rest and wait until you are well to drive. Driving a car safely and responsibly are in your hands. These practices will be taught by your behind the wheel instructor but it is you who has to follow them.

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